A Course on Mathematical Logic
A Short Course In Discrate Mathematics
Absolute Stability of Nonlinear Control System
Advances in Dynamic Games
Aircraft Stability Control
Introduction to Mathematical Optimization
Introduction to Stochastic Programming (Birge)
Introduction to Mathematical Logic, 4th ed – Elliott Mendelson
John Cooke – Constructing Correct Software
Modern Missile Guidance – Rafael Yanushevsky
Modern Missile Guidance 
Nonlinear Constrained Feedback Control
Nonlinear Dynamics in Organization – Stephen J. Guastello

A Computational Introduction To Number Theory And Algebra – Victor Shoups
A Course in Homological Algebra – P. Hilton, U. Stammbach
A Course In Universal Algebra – S. Burris and H. P. Sankappanavar
A First Course In Linear Algebra – Robert A. Beezer
A Primer of Algebraic D-modules – S. Coutinho
Abel’s Theorem in Problems and Solutions – V.B. Alekseev
Abstract Algebra – the Basic Graduate Year – R. Ash
Advanced Modern Algebra – Joseph J. Rotman
Algebra & Trigonometry Graphs & Models 3rd ed – Marvin L. Bittinger
Algebra Abstract – Robert B. Ash
Algebra Demystified – Rhonda Huettenmueller
Algebra I Basic Notions Of Algebra – Kostrikin A I , Shafarevich I R
Algebra Sucsess In 20 Minutes a Day – LearningExpress
Algebraic Groups and Discontinuous Subgroups – A. Borel, G. Mostow
Algebraic Surfaces and Holomorphic Vector Bundles – R. Friedman
Algorithmic Algebra – B. Mishra
Algorithms for Computer Algebra – K. Geddes, S. Czapor, G. Labahn
An Introduction To Linear Algebra – Kenneth Kuttler
Applications of Abstract Algebra with MAPLE – R. Klima, N. Sigmon, E. Stitzinger
Applied Linear Algebra And Matrix Analysis – Thomas S. Shores
Applied Numerical Linear Algebra – James W. Demmel
Bialgebraic Structures – W. Kandasamy
Calculus approach to matrix eigenvalue algorithms – Hueper
Compact Numerical Methods for Computers Linear Algebra and Function Minimisation 2Ed – Adam Hilger
Computational Commutative Algebra – Kreuzer and Robbiano
Computer Algebra and Differential Equations – E. Tournier
Determinants and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics – R. Vein, P. Dale
Differential Galois Theory – M. van der Put, M. Singer
Elementary Linear Algebra – K. R. MATTHEWS
Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra – E. H. Connell
Fileds and Galois Theory [jnl article] – J. Milne
Fundamental problems in algorithmic algebra
Galois Theory 2nd ed. – E. Artin
Group Characters, Symmetric Functions and the Hecke Algebras – D. Goldschmidt
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Handbook of Algebra Vol 2 – M. Hazewinkel
Hankel and Toeplitz Matrices and Forms – I. Iohvidov
Homotopical Algebra – D. Quillen
Intro Abstract Algera – P.Garret
Invitation to Higher Local Feilds – I. Fesenko, M. Kurihara
Lectures on Matrices – Wedderburn
Linear Algebra – Jim Hefferon
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Linear Algebra And Its Applications – David C Lay
Linear Algebra and Its Applications 3e – Gilbert Strang
Linear Algebra and Multidimensional Geometry – R. Sharipov
Linear Algebra Done Right, 2nd Ed – Sheldon Axler
Linear Algebra Gateway to Mathematics – Robert Messer
Linear Algebra with Applications 3rd Edition – Nicholson, W. Keith
Linear Algebra, 2Nd Edition – Kenneth Hoffmann And Ray Kunze
Logic and Boolean Algebra – Kathleen and Hilbert Levitz
Matrices Over Commutative Rings – W. Brown
Matrices theory and applications – Serre D
Matrix Analysis & Applied Linear Algebra – Carl D Meyer
Matrix Theory – [jnl article] – T. Banks
Methods of Homological Algebra – S. Gelfand, Y. Manin
Modern Algebra With Applications 2Ed – Gilbert, Nicholson
Polynomials and Polynomial Inequalities
Quadratic Forms and their Applications
Schemes – D. Eisenbud, J. Harris
Smarandache Loops – W. Kandasamy
Smarandache Near-Rings – W. Kandasamy
Smarandache Rings – W. Kandasamy
Smarandache Semirings, Semifields,Semi Vector Spaces – W. Kandasamy
Structure and Representation of Jordan Algebras – N. Jacobson
Toposes, Triples and Theories – M. Barr, W. Wells
Treatise on Quantum Clifford Algebras – Fauser.pdf
Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics – Interactive Tutorial
Workbook in Higher Algebra – David Surowski

A Course of Higher Mathematics vol 1 – V. Smirnov
A Course of Higher Mathematics vol 2 – V. Smirnov
A Course of Modern Analysis 4th ed. – E. Whittaker, G. Watson
A Quick Introduction to Tensor Analysis – R. Sharipov
Acourse of pure mathematics – Hardy
Algebraic Numbers and Fourier Analysis – Salem
An Introduction to Complex Analysis for Engineers – M. Adler
An Introduction To Functional Analysis – Vitali Milman
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Analysis – Hyland
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Applied and Computational Complex Analysis Vol 1 – P. Henrici
Automorphic Forms on GL(2) – H. Jacquet, R. Langlands
Automorphic Forms, Representations and L-Functions Part 1 – A. Borel, W. Casselman
Automorphic Forms, Representations and L-Functions Part 2 – A. Borel, W. Casselman

Algebraic geometry a first course – Harris.J
Computational Geometry algorithms and applications 2d ed – De berg
Computational Geometry in C – J o’orourk
Computational Geometry Methods And Applications – chen
Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica – D. Vossler
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Introduction to Lie groups and symplectic geometry – Bryant R.L.
Mirrors and Reflections- The Geometry of Finite Reflection Groups – A. Borovik, A. Borovik
Plane Analytic Geometry With Differential Calculus – Maxime Bocher
The Geometry & Topology of 3-Manifold – Thurston
The Geometry of Hamilton and Lagrange Spaces – Miron, Hrimiuc, Shima, Sabau.
The Geometry of Schemes – Eisenbud D., J.Harris
Treatise of plane geometry through geometric algebra – Calvet R.G.

Graph Theory
Graph Theory – R. Diestel
Graph Theory with Applications – J. Bondy, U. Murty
Planar Graph Drawing – T. Nishizeki, M. Rahman

Group Theory
Abstract Theory of Groups – O. Schmidt
An Elementary Introduction to Groups and Representations – B. Hall
Buildings and Classical Groups – P. Garrett
Cohomological Topics in Group Theory – K. Gruenberg 
Galois Theory 2nd ed. – E. Artin
Group Theory (Lie’s, Tracks and Exceptional Groups) – P. Cvitanovic
Group Theory [jnl article] – J. Milne
Group Theory Exceptional Lie Groups As Invariance Groups – P. Cvitanovic
Groupoids. and Smarandache Groupoids – W. Kandasamy
Introduction to Groups, Invariants and Particles
Introduction to the Theory of Groups – G. Polites
Isometric Actions of Lie Groups and Invariants [jnl article] – P. Michor
Lectures on Lie Groups – D. Milicic
Lie Algebras – S. Sternberg
Linear Algebraic Groups – A. Borel
Problems in Group Theory – J. Dixon
Quantum Groups and Knot Algebra – T. Dieck
Smarandache Semigroups – W. Kandasamy
The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups – D. Greenstein, R. Lyons, R. Solomon
The Theory of Groups – H. Bechtell
The Theory of Groups 2nd ed. Vol.1 – A. Kurosh
Theory Of Groups of Finite Order – W. Burnside

Kalman Filter
Grewal, Andrews Kalman Filtering Theory And Practice Using Matlab (2Ed , Wiley, 2001)
An Introduction to the Kalman Filter
Applied Optimal Estimation 
Kalman Filtering Techniques for Radar Tracing

Math for Engineers
Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers – C. Bender, S. Orszag
CRC Press – Dictionary of Applied Math for Engineers and Scientists – D. Clark
CRC Press – Elem. Math. and Comp. Tools for Engineers using MATLAB – J. Manassah
Engineering Mathematics 4th ed. – J. Bird
Essential Math Skills for Engineering, Science and Appl Math – S. Barry, S. Davis
Intro to Methods of Appl. Math – Adv Math Methods for Scientists and Engineers – S. Mauch
Math – Functional and Structural Tensor Analysis for Engineers – Brannon
Math methods in physics and engineering with Mathematica – F. Cap
Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics, 2nd ed., – V. I. Arnold
Math. and Phys. Data – Equations and Rules of Thumb – S. Gibilisco
Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing – M. Attenborough
Methods of Mathematical Physics Vol 3 – Scattering Theory – M. Reed

Mathematical Analysis
Real Mathematical Analysis – Charles C. Pugh
An_Introduction_to_Mathematical_Analysis_in_Economics – D. Corbae & J. Zeman
A First Course in Mathematical Analysis – D.A.Brannan
Mathematical Analysis I – Vladmir A. Zorich
Mathematical Analysis II – Vladmir A. Zorich 
Mathematical Analysis – Gordon H. Fulleton 
Mathematical Analysis 2nd Edition – Tom. M. Apasol 
Principles of Mathematical Analysis 3ed – Rudin W 
Real and complex analysis third edition – Rudin
Real Mathematical Analysis- Charles Chapman
The Elements of Real Analysis – R. Bartle
Kaczor W.J., Nowak N.T. Problem Mathematical Analysis I
Kaczor W.J., Nowak N.T. Problems in Mathematical

Mathematical Biology
A Mathematical Model of a Crocodilian
A Parameter Sensitivity Methodology in the Context
Handbook of Dynamic System Modeling
Mathematical Model in Biology
Mathematical Modeling for System Analysis in Agricultural Research
Mathematical Modelling of Complex Biological Systems
Modeling the Environment
Optimal Control of an HIV Immunology Model
Optimal Control of the Chemotherapy of HIV
Optimal Control Theory Applied to the Anti-Viral Treatment of AIDS
Optimal Efficacy of Ribavirin in the Treatment of Hepatitis C
Optimal Control of Nonlinear Processes with Applications in Drugs Corruption and Terror
The Logic of Logistics

Number Theory
A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra – Victor Shoup
A Concise Introduction to the Theory of Numbers- Baker A.
A Course in Arithmetic – J. Serre
A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory – Cohen H.
A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography 2 ed – Neal Koblitz
Advanced Number Theory – H. Cohn
Algebra and Number Theory – Baker A.
Algebraic Groups and Number Theory – Platonov & Rapinchuk
Algebraic Number Theory – IYANAGA
Algebraic Number Theory – J. S. Milne
Algorithmic Methods In Algebra And Number Theory – Pohst M
An Explicit Approach To Elementary Number Theory – Stein
An Introduction to Conformal Field Theory – M. Gaberdiel
An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers – G. H. Hardy & E. M. Wright
An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers – Leo Moser
An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers 5ed – Niven I., Zuckerman H.S., Montgomery H.L
Analytic number theory – Iwaniec H.,Kowalski E.
Analytic Number Theory – Newman D.J.
Analytic Number Theory – Jia & Matsumot

Numerical Analysis
Computational and Numerical Challenges in Environmental Modelling – Z. Zlatev & I. Dimov
Allaire – Numerical Analysis and Optimization
Applied Numerical Methods Using MATLAB
Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Enginee…sts (Third Edition) by Steven C. Chapra 
Computational Mathematics – B. P. Demidovich, I. A. Maron
Handbook of Numerical Analysis Volume X – P. G. Ciarlet
Handbook of Numerical Analysis Volume XI – P. G. Ciarlet 
Numerical Analysis – Burden Faires
Numerical BVP Ascher

Optimal Control
Alpha_C._Chiang – Fundamental_Methods_of_Mathematical Economics
Anderson_B.D.O.,_Moore_J.B. – Optimal_Control
Andreas_Antoniou,_Wu-Sheng_Lu – Practical_Optimization
Arthur_E._Bryson – Applied_Linear Optimal_Control
Branislav_Hrúz,_MengChu_Zhou – Modeling_and_Control of Discrete-event Dynamic Systems
Bulirsch_R._(Ed) – Optimization_And_Optimal_Control
Chinchuluun_A.,_et_al._(eds.) – Optimization_and_Optimal Control
David_G._Hull – Optimal_Control_Theory_for_Applications
Feng_Lin – Robust Control Design an Optimal Control Approach
Hestenes_M.R. – Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control Theory
Ilya_Grigorenko – Optimal Control and Forecasting of Complex Dynamic Systems
Joseph_Z._Ben-Asher – Optimal Control Theory with Aerospace Apllications
Jr._Arthur_E._Bryson,_Yu-Chi_Ho – Applied Optimal Control
Laurence_Chisholm_Young – Lectures on the Calculus of Varians and Optiman Control Theory
Magnus_Egerstedt,_Clyde_Martin – Control Theoretic Splines Optimal Control, Statistics and Path Planning
Michael_Schulz – Control Theory in Physics and other Fields of Science
Morton_I._Kamien,_Nancy_L._Schwartz – Dynamic Optimazation
R._Bulirsch,_W._Oettli,_J._Stoer – Optimization and Optimal Control
Richard_Vinter – Optimal Control
Robert_F._Stengel – Optimal Control and Estimation
Suresh_P._Sethi,_Gerald_L._Thompson – Optimal Control Theory
Thomas_A._Weber – Optimal Control Theory with Applications in Economics
Optimal Estimation of Dynamic Systems

Partial Differential Equations
An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations – Yehuda Pinchover, Jacob Rubinstein
Finite Difference Methods in Financial Engineering – Daniek J. Duffy
Scientific Computing with Case Studies – O’Leary D.P.
Partial Differential Equations – An Introduction With Mathematica and Maple, World Sci 2004
Partial Differential Equations An Introduction – Strauss
Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems – Nakhle H. Asmar.
Partial Differential Equations n Boundary Value Problems with Maple
Schiesser_A Compendium of Partial Differential Equ…ethod of Lines Analysis with MATLAB
The Numerical Solution of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (Second Edition

One Thousand Exercises in Probability – G. Grimmett and David S.
Probability and Random Processes – G. Grimmett and David S.
Probability and Risk Analysis – Dr. Jesper R and Prof Igor R.
An Introduction to Probability Theory – Geiss
Applied Bayesian Modelling – P. Congdon
Applied Probability – Lange K.
Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes – Bryc
Applied Statistics And Probability For Engineers – Montgomery & Runger
Standard Probability and Statistics Tables and Formulae – Daniel & Stephen K.
Foundations of Modern Probability – Olav Kallenberg
Foundations of the Theory of Probability – A.N. Kolmogorov
Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers – T T Soong